We’ve received a ton of thank-you emails from people like you who wanted to share the story of how much our apps improved their lives.

We’re grateful for those emails. After all, if our apps have helped you, we’ve succeeded.

And do you know what we love even more than reading your success stories in our emails? When those stories appear as reviews in the App Store.

See, your reviews help others know that our apps actually work. Nothing helps us more than when you help us spread the word.

So please take a moment to post a review or rating.

Even a quick 5-star rating with no comment does a world of good!

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“Review” vs. “Rating”

You don’t have to write a review to give a rating. In the app stores, “review” and “rating” mean different things. A review is when you write a comment about the app along with rating it 1–5 stars; a rating is when you don’t leave a review and only rate the app with 1–5 stars. Ratings are super quick and helpful, but including a nice review is always appreciated.

P.S. Every time an app is updated, its past ratings and reviews are hidden. So even if you’ve helped us out with a review in the past, please consider posting again!