iOS Apps Removed from Sale

Today we are sad to report that Apple has removed all our iOS apps from sale.

Although our apps have existed since as early as 2012 — and although they have been continuously reviewed and approved by Apple since that time — in 2017 Apple instituted a new policy that prohibits developers from offering more than one app that uses the same code base with different content. Since each of our apps uses the same code and includes different audio content, we suddenly found ourselves on the wrong side of this new policy.

Initially, Apple offered us an “exception” that allowed us to keep our apps in the store, but today without any explanation they reversed that decision and removed all our apps from sale.

Needless to say, we are shocked and saddened by this decision. Since we released our first app, more than 7 million people have downloaded our apps. We have received countless emails from fans who reported life-changing — and in some cases life-saving — benefits.

Unfortunately, Apple’s blind insistence on adherence to this policy without regard for the quality of the app or the benefits it provides — presumably because they feel the App Store has become too crowded — hurts our existing customers, not to mention the millions of people who will not have an opportunity to benefit from our audios going forward.

As a result of this change, we will no longer be able to offer support for our iOS apps. Any apps you already have on your device will continue to work. However, if you remove an app, you won’t be able to reinstall it from the App Store.

Because we became aware of other developers experiencing this issue in the past, we’ve been working on launching a new business called SuccessMinds where we will be releasing our existing audios — and more over the coming months — via a website, rather than through mobile applications. You can sign up at to be notified when we launch.