Emotional Wellbeing Bundle

  • Improve your mood and feel more energized and at peace after listening daily for just 1-3 weeks
  • Change your mindset through subconscious thoughts for a more positive outlook
  • You won’t have to try to change your mood — it just happens naturally!

Train Your Mind to Be More Optimistic and at Peace with Hypnosis

Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, and poor self-esteem? Adding hypnosis to your daily routine helps change your entire mindset, resetting your behavior for a happier, more positive outlook.

Apps in This Bundle

    End Anxiety Hypnosis: Prevent anxiety from interfering with your work, sleep, and life

    Relieve Depression Hypnosis: Change your mindset through subconscious thoughts for a happier, more fulfilling life

    Build Self-Esteem Hypnosis: Learn to eliminate negative self-talk and feel more self-confident

    Sleep Well Hypnosis: Release worry and easily drift into deep, restorative sleep


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